Monday, August 7, 2017

Follow the Leader & Become a Reader

Do you want to explore and enjoy the power of oral language with young children in your life?  Even in informal and seemingly silly ways, we can position all students for success as readers and writers by tapping the power of spoken language.  If we are intentional, consistent and have fun, it does not have to be complicated.

A favorite game for my own pre-school children is to play Follow the Leader with me in the car.  We take turns being the leader giving singing sounds, making beats, singing word parts and generally using our voices to excite the rest of the car with our creativity.   Here are some of the powerful advantages of a simple game like this:

  • No-cost: You need no supplies for this game--no books, no CDs, no materials
  • Rhythm regulates the brain, according to brain-compatible research
  • You can start with a rhythmic book for a frame of reference--something like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
  • General musicality is fostered, while various musical concepts are covered in one setting, such as scatting (jazz), freestyle (rap) and general improvisation (all genres)
  • The game reinforces skills in:
    • listening
    • intonation
    • syllabication
    • letter sounds
    • following directions (and careful listening)
    • leading

I am a strong believer that if my children can manipulate sounds in a number of ways, and enjoy what they are doing, they will be primed for reading and writing with intentionality and effectiveness.  Can you imagine the power we could give the families of our least successful children if we can figure out how to get parents to do this? #gamechanger #orallanguagepower


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