Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Blog world...hello! I've been waiting to meet you...There is so much I want to say, to contribute to this meeting of the minds we call the teacher blog world.  I am thankful to be in your midst.  In truth, I really don't look to compete with those out there doing fabulously creative lesson plans or creating cute content.  I do have some original and creative things to share, which I can't wait to unveil...but mostly I'd love to help engage us in some of  the dialogues--sometimes hard ones--that will help move us forward as professionals...and as human beings living together in this beautiful, crazy world of ours. Welcome to my world! I'm glad you're here. :-)

Shout out, also, to Designs by Kassie, where Kassie, the mastermind, is patient, detail-oriented, and always professional! I love her work and am glad to join her portfolio. :-) Thanks, Kassie!