Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Join the Movement! #workfreelunch


Not that you can tell it by the time I took to report it here :-), but I am thrilled to have begun the journey of writing blog posts for the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards!  My first blog post is linked below:


National Board blog posts are famously to the point, which is good for loquacious folks like me.  I think you will enjoy the read.  Essentially, I have begun the adventure of giving myself just 30 minutes out of every busy day to take care of something that's important to me, that's not work.  Maybe it's personal e-mails on my own laptop, or calls I need to make for my family, or just conversation with a colleague.  But I'm thankful to just be learning a dimension of self-care that I'd been ignoring for far too long.  Please read on! Share your thoughts, comments, and more importantly, share the blog!  Thanks, and happy, long, life to all of my teacher friends out there! We've got to pace ourselves, friends.  The #workfreelunch is a start!


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