Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Calmest Classroom Ever

In my very first classroom, there was lots I didn't know, and much I learned the hard way. Yet one thing I did know was that I insisted on a space where both my 7th graders and I could work peacefully, with ample space for our minds to wrap around our lives and work.  As a lifelong music lover, I knew that one way to invoke peace was through music.  I knew that the pervasive thump and boom of hip hop and pop music invited students to stay in a constant space of hyper-stimulation, where they could never settle down into their own thoughts and rest.  I introduced my reluctant students into an expanded idea of music they are "allowed" to enjoy.  "Who says because you are part of this or that demographic group, that you can't enjoy calm music? Who says strings and violins are not for you?"  It was a hard sell at first, but soon, my students came to welcome this music's departure from their norm.  They were learning that the time, place and purpose determine the genre of music that supports your goals.  Their worlds expanded...

Sixteen years later, I'm still more convinced than ever that our students need these restful spaces, where familiar songs become the backdrop for our best work and where we have an individual, experience, in community, against the backdrop of a powerful soundtrack.

My husband is a brilliant musician, and in addition to our love of family and education, music is one huge thing that brought us together.  We have a vision of creating all kinds of musical supports for students in their learning, much like the Grammar Rock era did for 70's kids. Click the picture above to hear or purchase Classroom Calm, on original compilation of songs that I think you'll love. The product description lists lots of ways to use this music...but suffice it to say, it will, as they say, give you life!!  Let it be a game-changer for your classroom and your world...


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