Who Am I?

I'm Jewel, and I am a..


I will always be learning. It's something I can't help, really...I'm curious about everything, and learning something new wakes me up on the inside.  Growth mindset is where I try to live so that I can keep getting better.


I create because it, too, is a part of my DNA.  I make solutions, make songs, make poetry, make teaching and learning products, make interesting food dishes...I just love to see random pieces of nothing and transform them into something powerful.


I have been teaching in public schools for close to 20 years, and am in my 17th year in my school district (a large, urban public system.) I am National Board Certified in early literacy, and am a certified lead teacher in my state.


I see down the road where my students, my colleagues and my family can be, and try to plant the seeds for it today. I also see what education could be if we would let go of what works for everyone besides children and lay hold to what we know works for them....


I believe that some of society's most critical contributors are some of our most neglected: students, parents, and teachers.  Since I have been a student--and am currently both a parent and a teacher--I am committed to functioning as an advocate for all three.  


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